(June 23 & 24, 2017) Benefit for The Jeremy Wilson Foundation

The Facebook event page: June 23rd & June 24th

Lineup June 23rd: The Pandoras Official and The Shadows of Knight with Portland bands Paradise The Lovesores THE SELLWOODS The Strange Effects The Mean Reds FIRE NUNS Lagoon Squad Thee Nastees (ft. members of SEX CRIMEThe Suicide Notes, and Crush Hazard) The Foolish Pride (ft. members of The Cool Whips and The Zags) and The Magic Wanda’s (ft. members of Beyond Veronica). PLUS DJ HWY 7, DJ REMA REMA, DJ CECILIA

Lineup June 24th:  The Woggles and The Loons. Portland bands include The Pynnacles The Shriekers Dartgun and the Vignettes The High Violets Silver Ships Ten Million Lights RAF Mod Band Cigarette McQueen Salamander Island (ft. Jeremy Wilson) and Paper Cameras. PLUS DJ Honest John, DJ Stanger Things, DJ Hippie Joe.

Plus, in addition to six warm-up shows held January to May, Nuggets Night put on DJ Freakout at Speck’s Records, Something Weird Video presentation at Cinema 21Blast Off Party at The Sandy Hut, Mike Stax reading at Music Millennium!


Portland Mercury says, “Transplants from the Mile High City might be disappointed to learn that the Star Theater’s Nuggets Night is not dedicated to the Denver Nuggets. The two-night event brings together a dizzying number of Portland bands in celebration of obscure, majestic garage and psych gems from the heavy-lidded ’60s, and all for a great cause. Benefitting the Jeremy Wilson Foundation (headed by the former Dharma Bums vocalist to support musicians with healthcare costs), the mini-festival’s first night features a host of paisley-costumed bards bringing the jangle and groove. Its headliners include legendary Hollywood crew the Pandoras, along with Chicago garage OGs the Shadows of Night, who scored a Top 10 hit with their version of Them’s “Gloria” in 1965. The second night is just as stacked, with Portland’s the Pynnacles and the High Violets taking aim before headliners the Woggles bring it all back home.”

Willamette Weeks says, “Started as something of a lark 10 years ago, the annual Nuggets Night—named after the sanctified box-set collection of one-hit wonders from “the First Psychedelic Era”—has grown into a two-night affair, attracting not just descendents of obscure ’60s garage rock, but some of the originators as well. This year’s celebration features expert revivalists like the Pandoras and the Woggles, but the guests of honor are Chicago’s the Shadows of Knight, who landed in the Top 40 in 1969 with a strutting cover of Bo Diddley’s “Oh Yeah.” “

Pow Magazine says, “Portland’s coolest bands (along with some huge, legendary bands from around the world as of the past few years) get together and have a giant party to raise money for a worthy cause. The bands each spend about 15 minutes on stage rocking legendary Nuggets tunes, everyone dances their ass off and has a great time. It’s Portland’s most shakin’, psychedelic weekend of the year. Nuggets Night celebrated it’s 10th anniversary this year. With a bigger venue, huge headliners (The Pandoras! The Loons! The Woggles! The Shadows of Knight!), and several days’ worth of events, the annual shindig has truly grown into a can’t-miss event. As previously mentioned, Nuggets Night always sponsors a music-related charity. This year, funds from Nuggets Night benefited The Jeremy Wilson Foundation, a non-profit organization which makes it possible for friends, family and fans to directly assist individual musicians and their families during medical emergencies.” – Sheena Salazar

50 Third and a Third says, “These talented performers, (legends, even!) and artists, as close knit as they are cool, gathered together to have fun and raise for an excellent cause and on side note, rocked some serious retro garb despite blistering 90º+ temperatures. This was my first ever Nuggets Night event and I gotta say I’m already looking forward to Nuggets Night 2018. Every band on the bill really gave their all on stage to an eager crowd ready to party.”


50 Third and a Third posted tons of great videos including this hot number:


Sheena Salazar posted tons of great videos. Check out the playlist on YouTube!