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Willamette Week says, “[MONSTER GARAGE] To benefit the recent re-birth of now-listener-supported KISN FM, the station which once premiered the cream of the oldies, this ninth Nuggets Night has expanded to a box-set of sorts, highlighting a pair of legendary artists alongside the annual event’s traditional assemblage of cover sets by local acts and one-off tributes. Friday’s slate brings the only Northwest stop for the Flamin’ Groovies, the final show of Beyond Veronica, Eyelids (as requested by the Groovies), the Pynnacles (who debuted at Nuggets Night 2012), and a Dead Moon-themed Karaoke From Hell performance. The Minders, buzzy girl-garage group the Mean Reds, and Blue Whip—a specially-formed collaboration between The Cool Whip and Blue Skies For Black Hearts—accompany Saturday headliners the Kingsmen, of “Louie Louie” fame. JAY HORTON.”

Portland Tribune reports, “Strahota [event organizer] says he wanted this year’s Nuggets shows to benefit KISN because Northwest rock ‘n’ rollers owe a historical debt to the station.” (